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June 27th, 2020 

Piazza Martiri Dell’ Olivetta, Portofino (GE)


Performer: Bruno Mereu




Franz Schubert

Improvviso Op. 142 No. 2


Ludwig Van Beethoven

Piano Sonata Op. 27 No. 2 “Al chiaro di luna”


Claude Debussy



Frédéric Chopin

Ballata Op. 23


Franz Liszt

Ballata No. 2, S. 171


Portofino Foto Festival is an event devoted to visual art, hosted in the beautiful city of Portofino, in the heart of the Riviera Ligure. 

During this occasion, international artists have the chance to get in contact with the territory - one of the most visited places in the world - to send a message of protection of the planet through a program of outdoor photographic exhibitions, talks and concerts. 


The pandemic we are currently dealing with has prevented the holding of the festival, but it has also strengthened the assumptions that gave life to this project a year ago. 

As a message of hope and resistance in preparation of the future first edition of the festival, Twenty14 Cultural Association, art-director and promoter of the festival together with the Milan-based society Ask4, organised a free musical event. 

Music as a rebirth after a painful silence, as an art form that needs of life itself in order to be expressed, as a universal language.


The event, with the support of the Comune di Portofino and the Regione Liguria, is sponsored by the Piatino Agency and the Comune di Portofino. Solo Piano, Portofino is held in conjunction with the celebration of the 250 years from the birth of L. V. Beethoven. 


Find out more at Portofino Foto Festival


Short extract of the concert 


Bruno Mereu studied at the Music Conservatory “Niccolò Paganini” in Genoa. In 2009 he was admitted to the master class held by Siavush Gadjiev, at SCGV Emil Komel. In the same year, after his victory at the “Concorso internazionale per solista e orchestra”, he performed with the Sydney Chamber Orchestra on the occasion of the only Italian performance of their European tour, directed by Imre Pallò. In the following years, he performed in many concerts directed by famous artists like O. Balan, Fabrizio Callai, Marco Feruglio, Lorenzo Tazzieri.




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