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And there was evening, and there was morning

Simona Andrioletti

"So it was evening, then it was morning: and it was the first day." How does the beginning of everything look like? That eternal energy that generated the first beginning, the early morning of all time, for Simona has to do with an explosion: the fire, linked to the Latin verb foveo and to the Greek words φῶς (phos), light. Imploded energy, the Genesis of all moments.

It is with one of the simplest destruction tools, the Molotov bomb, that the artist opens her personal exhibition, where an explosion accompanies us on a journey that with great delicacy investigates the boundaries of human exploration, in its higher sense.

That man who wants to know, measure, ennoble. How much space does the highest point of the Earth occupy? "I asked Silvio Mondinelli, the sixth mountaineer in the world to have climbed all fourteen of the eight-thousand of the Himalayan chain, (without the help of oxygen) to recover through memory the space of the summit of Everest. He traced its perimeter in 1: 1 scale on a piece of paper" says Simona. This perimeter was used as a template to create a marble base, where Silvio Mondinelli’s signs and writings make that memory immortal in the most faithful way possible. In that memory, Francesco Šljiva Venturi gives life to a primordial sound that once again seeks a point of contact with the origin, through the use of his voice and a single instrument: a shamanic drum, purpose-built by a craftsman for the performance. 


He will climb "on the top of Mount Everest" to sing a variation of Ives' Unanswered Question, in the lowest possible pitch. It is the elaboration of an impossibility: to go as high as possible while going as low as possible. 


19/05/2016 - 19/06/2016

Twenty14 gallery space



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