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Secondo Natura

Ferruccio Ascari


With a typical attitude of his modus operandi, Ferruccio Ascari takes on a project started ten years ago and, by developing some of its internal aspects, gives birth to a new artwork, a large-scale diptych that functions as a bridge between two distinct moments of his creative career. A female and a male body in their actual size are captured in the exact moment in which they seem to jump out and sink (the eye is somehow enchanted) in a teeming and dark matter, which is the same matter they are made of. These mutating cells – coming to life or dying? – are surely present in each process of alteration that we can encounter in every other piece of this exhibition. These artworks were born on a very unusual moment, that of the Covid-19 pandemic that has taken over the planet in the last months.


Secondo Natura [According to Nature] is the title of this exhibition, due to the underlying link between this new set of artworks and the time we are living. The nature that the artist is presenting to us is one without balance, restlessly experimenting with new life forms, whose only aim seems to be that of reproducing, breeding, sprouting, even in us and through us.

What we see here are organic forms that however do not have links with any living thing but rather are the manifestation of an energy which is a never-ending discourse between permanence and transformation.


Ferruccio Ascari was born in 1949 in Campi Salentina. He firstly studied in Lecce, moved to Firenze and then to Urbino, where he started studying again and obtained a Degree in Philosophy in 1973. During these years he became interested in Oriental Philosophy, in particular to the Yogic Tradition, which will later have a strong influence in his artistic production. Those were also the years in which Ascari started producing artworks and never stopped since then.

He currently lives and works in Milan. Ferruccio Ascari exhibited his work in over 50 exhibitions, in important art institutions both in Italy and abroad, such as Progetto Speciale della Biennale, Venezia; Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Roma; Rotonda della Besana, Milano; Palazzo dei Priori Pinacoteca, Volterra; Castel Sant'Elmo, Napoli; Symposium International d'Art Performance, Lione; ICA Gallery, Londra; Biennale Giovani, Parigi; Lenbachhaus, Monaco; International Biennal of Graphic Art, Ljubljana; Museum der Stadt, Waiblingen. Museo d’Arte Moderna, Ascona, Biennale d’Arte Sacra, Palermo. Hanno scritto di lui: Massimo Acanfora, Beppe Bartolucci, Cristina Casero, Rossana Bossaglia, Daniela Cristadoro, Maurizio Cucchi, Vittorio Fagone, Helmut Herbst, Elisabetta Longari, Angela Madesani, Alda Merini, Vittorio Parazzoli, Riccardo Venturi, Marisa Vescovo, Giorgio Verzotti.

10/09/2020 - 23/12/2020

Pananti Atelier


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