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curated by Archipelago Projects

Ouvrage aims to give a comprehensive overview on the world of the artist book and the publishing scene today. The show brings together 70 books selected by Magali Avezouz, founder of Archipelago project, chosen for their interesting approach to the idea of the image and for the way this is articulated in the form of the book. These books deal with aesthetical, sociological and political issues related to photography such as abstraction, image privacy and politics of representation. Through the choice of the format, the treatment of the images and their articulation in texts, these artists explore the many possibilities offered by the book as an art form. Produced and selected over recent months, some are self-published, some belong to small publishing houses, and some are still in a dummy form. The books selected come from 20 different countries such as Brazil, Egypt, Japan and Russia, and involves innovative editorial projects from all over Europe such as Sudario, Harpun Verlag and Highchair Editions.


During the exhibition, Uruguayan artist Lalu Delbracio will present Hunger, a performance that explores the feeling of loving someone so much that you want to eat them. The artist enters an installation made up of over-sized images, tearing and reshuffling them until they inevitably disappear. The remaining torn material will be collated into a series of unique books that can be purchased. Each book will constitute a piece of the installation. The performance was supported by sponsor Fedrigoni. 


15/10/2016 - 30/10/2016

Twenty14 gallery space



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