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Mara Palena

Twenty14 launches the collaboration with the historic Florentine auction house Pananti and its new Milan-based headquarter “Pananti Atelier” in Via Saffi 9, with the second solo show curated by Twenty14 of artist Mara Palena. The notion of memory is only one of the moving forces that push Mara Palena to start a long process, potentially infinite, that goes under the name of "Oikeiôsis" - an ancient Greek word used to indicate self-acknowledgement through the knowledge of the inner Self. Analogue images produced from the artist's childhood to this day are subject to an alteration process that seems to be regulated by a state of consciousness that is at times fragile and melancholy, and others romantic, or sharp - almost violent - never graspable. Alterations similar to sound frequencies, which regulate the tone of our perception of reality and its aesthetic transposition; universal frequencies that vibrate in the presence of a memory, which permeates every body. Passing through the crowd of a rave party, where human profiles can hardly be recognised, the viewer finds him/herself in a large cardiac apparatus, which pulses through the images and sounds of a diary. A memory that does not belong to the viewer, but that somehow seems warmly familiar. 


Sound design by Donato Panaccio. 

Thanks to Video Sound Art.


Oikeiôsis (from the Greek οικεῖος) is a term introduced by the Stoic philosophers (ca. 300 BC) to indicate the realisation, the ultimate goal of living beings. According to the Stoics, it is the acknowledgement of the Self, through the synaesthesis, namely the inner perception. Thanks to this self-knowledge, living beings can fly, swim and move without anyone ever teaching them. Therefore it contains strength, health, beauty, body functionality, as well as love for one's own species and in man for his community.


On display: photographs, video- and sound-installations.


Mara Palena (b. 1988) lives and work between Milan and London as a photographer, video-maker and graphic designer. Her aesthetic is strongly influenced by her training in the fashion industry, where she worked for the most influential fashion stylists. Using the photographic medium as a personal research tool, she digs into issues such as memory and identity. She works mainly with installations, videos and images, often combined in the same body of work. 

Her work has been exhibited in several collective exhibitions, her first solo show was hosted by Twenty14 in 2016. Her work has been selected and exhibited during LA Photomonth 2017 and Lucie Foundation Los Angeles.


16/01/2020 - 28/02/2020

Pananti Atelier


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