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Jacopo Gospel Quaggia

Twenty14 curator’s duo and the artist himself used irony on hot topics such as the confusion generated by the contemporary art world, the art public’s difficulties in being involved in its events and the precariousness of being an artist. Highlighting the pressure of having to sell your work, whether it being art or any other products, Twenty14 ironises on the role of art promoters, disguising them as estate agents. 


The exhibition and performance “Incubo” took place inside Quaggia’s apartment - for 2 days the flat became a stage, with a performance written and directed by the artist himself, in which the public is involved in an unlikely open house weekend. The performers (Clara Del Nero and Giulia Gioannina) play the role of two real estate agents, taking the audience to a series of guided tours of the house. In this way, the curators become estate agents that are trying to sell a property that has been for the artist’s studio, house and at the same time his nightmare – leading to an unreasonable final offer. The photo series “Incubo” became a limited edition artist book, handmade by Jacopo Gospel Quaggia and produced by Twenty14


Jacopo Gospel Quaggia lives and works in Milan. His artistic practice combine photography and text in a complementary way. His works have been exhibited in several group exhibitions in Italy. He is represented by Twenty14 since 2017. His series "Piano, 2014" is part of Fabbrica Borroni collection.


2/12/2017 - 03/12/2017

Site specific installation in the artist's house, Milano

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