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Highlighting the disappearance and the mixture of visual languages, the artworks produced by SNUFF collective focus on the experimentation and the research of new routes for language and aesthetics. Moreover, they question the visual habits of contemporary society, used to this mixture between images and genres, and thus ever-more unable to focus on the single element that constitutes the image itself. The group’s tendency to question society’s habits makes this project a perfect fit for T14’s line of thought, always searching for the most contemporary art practices.


AMERICAN/LATINA/JAPANESE LANDSCAPE, is a project by SNUFF collective (Matteo Cremonesi and Enrico Smerilli) made up of three photographic series obtained from cut-outs of pornographic pictures taken from the Internet. These images gather information about environments, forms and spaces, exasperating their features. Scenarios become objects capable of putting on focus different aspects of the environments in which the pornographic body lives in its various cultural perspectives.


The physicality and history of a place and the presence-absence of the elements are captured in their spontaneous structure. The attention is constantly obstructed, due to the peculiar framing and the continuous omission of human subjects. The observer is thus forced to focus on new elements that, as a whole, constitute another visual subject.

The project has been re-exhibited as a site-specific installation at The Other Fair 2017, in Turin. 


30/01/2015 - 18/03/2015


gallery space


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