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Considered one of the leading exponents of European conceptual art, Urs Lüthi has experimented throughout his career all forms of artistic representation: from the famous self-portraits of the '70s, to painting, to sculpture and installations, always passing with coherence through a dialogue with his eclectic alter-ego. Using self-representation as a capacity to become a spectator of oneself. The depth of Urs Lüthi's reflection lies precisely in this dualism between solemnity and irony, poised between comedy and tragedy, on the senselessness of existence.


Humor, dressed in irony, biting criticism, sometimes blatant and not lacking in visual talent, has always been present in the history of art, but today the extension of reference frameworks, such as the use of new media, in particular, photography and video have widened the possibilities for a more direct expression of all those suggestions, even useless or sometimes negative, that we perceive on a daily basis, progressively contributing to transforming humor into a true narrative element.

The work of Maria de La O Garrido collects traces of life, scattered here and there between real memories and impossible constructions of an actual reality. He works with the image in a completely original way, through the use of various photographic means and not: collages, drawings, recovered images and objects, using these mediums as a tool to build a sort of eternal composition of suggestions and discoveries. The imagery created by Maria is a selection of elements, taken from an infinite spectrum of places and possibilities, then juxtaposing them, contextualizing them and realigning them giving them a new meaning. 


20/01/2015 - 10/04/2015


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