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Ur-na is the mysterious echo of language. It is an ode to something unspeakable, that moves in the ravines of everyday life, confusing itself in the flow of events. Uri-na precedes the search for a sense, a determination, a body.  It's a shade between shadow and transparency. It is a frequency to listen to the simple existence of a glass, of a hand, of a gesture.

UR-NA is what Luis Carroll defines a portmanteau word, a neologism deriving from the fusion of two different terms: "UR" a powerful and rare German prefix that indicates what is primitive, and "NĀ" Indo-European term that indicates the flow of water understood as a denial of the act of seeing.
With these ancient Indo-European peoples, the idea of negation arose from the experience of the darkness of the nocturnal waters. In those times, it was believed that the dark hours of the night were caused by the end of the period of motion of the bright daytime ocean, and the subsequent coming around the ocean floor of dark waters. So, during the night to the question "What do you see?", the answer could only be "One sees only NĀ" and that is water, equivalent to seeing nothing. (from the critical text of: Elisabetta Rastelli)

The series of works presented by Danilo Vuolo, are in fact shadow scripts, in which the artist contrasts his natural transparency due to the presence of water and emphasizes the use of different vitreous objects. That of Danilo Vuolo is a reflection on language that, in a moment of information overload, aims at the potential of the "unspoken", a notion with a long history of reflections behind it and that becomes here sensorial and imaginative stimulus.



23/06/2017 - 30/07/2017


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