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Abglanz - The house of cards
Alina Frieske

30/07/2021 - 31/08/2021

Images Gibellina
Sistema delle Piazze
Gibellina (TP)


Presented for the first time last July at the Images Gibellina festival, the site-specific installation Abglanz - The house of cards, imagines the work of the young German artist as a construction of paper cards standing in the middle of the immense Sistema delle Piazze of the iconic Sicilian city of Gibellina. “Abglanz” which in German means reflection or distant echo is the title of the artist’s recent series already presented by Twenty14 in the exhibition “Abglanz” at Pananti Atelier Milano.


The installation form offers the possibility to rethink the fruition of the work and to underline two fundamental aspects of the artist's practice: the concept of multiplicity and the act of reassembling fragments of photographs into new images. The idea of ​​the structure is inspired by "House of Cards", the puzzle game created by Charles and Ray Eames in 1950. The Eames brothers' house of cards is a diversely creative toy aimed at both children and adults according  with the philosophy of the two designers: “Toys are not as innocent as they seem. Toys and games are preludes to serious ideas ”.


The installation is designed to stimulate the attention and imagination of the public through a 

playful exploration. Visitors can observe the various images from different perspectives by moving at close range and around the structure, discovering new details and connections between the various pieces of the 3d puzzle.


Alina Maria Frieske (*1994, GER) lavora con immagini assemblate e studia l'intersezione tra fotografia e pittura. Con un interesse per il materiale trovato online e la sua circolazione, il suo lavoro affronta le dinamiche tra astrazione e identificazione. Ha studiato comunicazione visiva nei Paesi Bassi (2017) e ha terminato il suo Master in Fotografia all'ECAL in Svizzera (2019). Nel 2020 ha esposto a Plat(t)form Winterthur, Images Vevey e durante il Festival di Hyeres. È stata tra i Ones to Watch 2020 del British Journal of Photography. Vive e lavora a Berlino.

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