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(before) Parade

Marilisa Cosello

Twenty14 opens its new artistic season with “(Before) Parade”, a performance project by Marilisa Cosello performed by Livia Bonetti. The piece is part of a long-term research carried by the artist on the theme of control, exploring one’s role played within society and one’s own existence. 

As curator Luca Panaro highlights in his critical text, in “(Before) Parade” a performer is asked to perform a gymnastic routine, as an investigation of the language in use by dominant ideologies, still able to seduce the public despite the violence found in its gestures.


Marilisa Cosello (b. 1978, Eboli, Salerno) lives and works in Milan. She studied Photography, Fine Arts and Film, and she worked for 5 years as a news photographer before acknowledging that reality does not exist and thus shifted towards a conceptual approach to photography. Her practice is characterised by the presence of the body and the construction of performance pieces, creating a dialogue between history, culture and social structures. 

Her work won the first prize at the Fotografia Europea (Reggio Emilia) in 2014, in 2016 and an honourable mention in 2017; she is the winner of the Lugano Photo Festival 2016; finalist of the Braga 2016, Photo Espana 2016. 

She exhibited her work at the Francesco Fabbri Foundation, Centrale Festival, Sifest, Biennial of Mediterranean Art in Sarajevo, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Milan Photo Festival, Palazzo delle Esposizioni Roma, Museo di Santa Giulia Brescia, Le104 Paris. Her work and performance “Esercizi Obbligatori” was selected for the Festival Circulations 2019, Paris.

October 3rd, 2019

Twenty14 Project Space


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